DIY Personalized Wooden Box

In this DIY PROJECT, I will transform a simple wooden box into a beautiful personalized box. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make this project. Indeed you need just some inexpensive material that you can buy in most general stores . You will Need A wooden Box Acrylic paint and a … Lire la suite DIY Personalized Wooden Box


Let’s refashion our old clutches

This DIY project is realy eaaaaasy but the result is quite beautiful. I had many old clutches that look used. You will need: Old Clutches Hot Glue Scissors Let’s do it:    These are the results:   I would love to see what you come up with. Il you post a picture on instagram, tag … Lire la suite Let’s refashion our old clutches


i'm always telling you that there are so many ways to refashion you clothes. What about transforming you stripped shirt into an off the shoulder shirt? It's possible and i did it last week. What are you waiting for? You will need: A shirt Elastic Pencil Scissors Sewing Machine The steps 1/ Start by drawing a … Lire la suite DIY OFF THE SHOULDER SHIRT


I'm glad to tell you that i have so many fashion diy projects to share with you. Because i believe that we can transform our basic or used clothes and turn it into something completely new. Also, i believe in the fashion revolution movement that i will be talking about out soon. Instead of throwing … Lire la suite DIY FASHION PROJECTS


This an easy DIY for the beginners especially for the passionate ones. Indeed, i am not a big seamstress but for a first try i think the result is interesting.   Also you can put whatever you want on the tee. Before you start, you have to be delicate while sewing your tee. I recommend you … Lire la suite DIY EMBROIDERED TEE

DIY Embellished Top

If you’re looking for an easy way to re-style a top or a tee-shirt there are some many ideas. This is a quick DIY project that will help you to transform one of your basic items you have in your wardrobe. But with this simple idea, i will try to show you how to transform a sleeveless tee and … Lire la suite DIY Embellished Top