This an easy DIY for the beginners especially for the passionate ones. Indeed, i am not a big seamstress but for a first try i think the result is interesting.   Also you can put whatever you want on the tee. Before you start, you have to be delicate while sewing your tee. I recommend you to iron the tee on both the inside and the outside for a better result.

What you will need:

  1. A basic Tee
  2. Embroidery floss and a needle
  3. A pen 
  4. Scissors

Let’s do it: 

  1. Start by  writing on your denim  by using a pen that has almost the same colour of the tee.
  1. Thread your needle with two lengths of thread 
  2. Using a basic running stitch, follow the outline of the writing or drawing. Here’s a great tutorial.
  3. Knot the thread on the inside of the jeans to secure it each time you finish off a length of thread.






I would love to see what you come up with. Il you post a picture on instagram, tag me and use #maftdiy


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