Private Launch event of BARAA Summer Collection 2016

I had the opportunity to attend a private event  launch event  of the new collection of BARAA. I would like to share with you the pictures of the event but before that let’s talk about this inspiring brand.  Baraa is a responsible brand that uses traditional weaving and stands by the noble materials and the accuracy of cuts. Baraa works  essentially with tunisian artisans that  acquired   precious ancestral knowledge.

In 1997, Baraa Ben Boubaker   graduated from ESMOD  and then become the exclusive designer for  Somatral group. In 2009, she founded her  brand of clothing and accessories .

In 2010, Baraa was the first tunisian winner of the fashion contest launched by  the Mediterranean House of Fashion in Marseille. This distinction was THE opportunity for the future of  BARAA.

In 2015, Ben Kenza Ghachem Torre, the founder of  My Little Bagatelle concept store, has joined the adventure. Together they decided to give a new dimension to the brand in 2016 and added a new line for man .

The new collection of BARRA is a simple but  rich through its strucured pieces. I was intrigued by flexible Hayek cuts that allowed us to notice the lightness of this noble material. The collection is so fresh and colorful! Also,i  loved the choice of models that didn’t have the same age.

Also, I  adored the gray-haired woman who didn’t stop dancing freely throughout the show. She is the  beautiful and unique artist and dancer Ms Sondes Belhassen.



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